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django à la créole: band members
The following individuals are band members of Django à la Créole:

evan christopher
Clarinetist Evan Christopher is a refreshingly bright light on the international jazz scene. His unique brand of contemporary early jazz combines virtuosity and immaculate taste with a deep commitment to exploring the full range of possibilities of the traditions of New Orleans Jazz. Mr. Christopher’s highly personal voice is anchored in the musical language created by early Creole clarinetists such as Sidney Bechet, Omer Simeon, and Barney Bigard with particular emphasis on the flexibility and distinct rhythmic character of the clarinet as it has evolved throughout “Le Monde Créole. [more >]
dave blenkhorn
Guitarist David Blenkhorn has become an much sought after guitarist on the London jazz scene since his arrival two years ago, and in European festivals for the past five years. At 33 he has established himself as a highly appreciated and respected musician known as much for his attitude to music as his ability to play great swinging guitar. [more >]
sebastien girardot
Bassist Sébastien Girardot has built a highly personal style on a foundation of classical training and early experience with New Orleans Revival style groups. Powerful and swinging, he is in wide demand across Europe and has appeared at the continents' foremost jazz festivals and clubs alongside musicians such as Leroy Jones, Harry Allen, Shannon Powell, Dan Barrett, Evan Christopher, Lillian Boutté and John Allred [more >]
dave kelbie
"Kelbie’s rhythm guitar work is crisp and intensely rhythmic, always keeping perfect time whatever the tempo. It’s an underrated craft requiring considerable musical skill and a high degree of stamina. Kelbie is held in awe by guitarists in the numerous other Django inspired groups dotted around the country, he’s widely regarded as the country’s premier rhythm guitarist and with his organisational skills has done more than most to keep Reinhardt’s music alive in the UK." THE JAZZMANN UK [more >]
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