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lafertin, meier, limberger quintet: band members
The following individuals are band members of Lafertin, Meier, Limberger quintet:

fapy lafertin
Fapy Lafertin was born in Courtraie (Belgium) into the Manouche gypsy community. From a very young age he played all kinds of instruments. He really started playing Hot Club de France repertoire with the Piotto orchestra. In the seventies and early eighties he starred in the group WASO with Coen de Cauter, which was so succesful it popularized Django's Hot Club Jazz worldwide. [more >]
lollo meier
Raised on Gypsy swing from an early age, he is a guitar master, composer, bandleader and arranger, Lollo comes from an elite family of Gypsy players and is cousin to the great Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg. His goal: to carry on the music of Django, with a style and technique that’s traditional, melodious, lyrical, sensitive and joyful. [more >]
tcha limberger
Tcha Limberger was born into a family of musicians. His grandfather was violinist and his father Vivi guitarist. Vivi started playing in his father’s band “De Piottos’ first of course and later became the rhythm guitarist of Waso. [more >]
dave kelbie
"Kelbie’s rhythm guitar work is crisp and intensely rhythmic, always keeping perfect time whatever the tempo. It’s an underrated craft requiring considerable musical skill and a high degree of stamina. Kelbie is held in awe by guitarists in the numerous other Django inspired groups dotted around the country, he’s widely regarded as the country’s premier rhythm guitarist and with his organisational skills has done more than most to keep Reinhardt’s music alive in the UK." THE JAZZMANN UK [more >]
andy crowdy
Andy Crowdy is a well-known and highly rated bass player on the UK jazz scene. He has played with many leading UK players (Gary Potter, Diz Disley, Clark Tracey, Alan Barnes and Tina May, to name but a few) and is in constant demand. "one of the most musical double bassists around...fluent and highly dexterous soloist" JAZZMANN UK [more >]
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